Fun Kids Room Decorating Ideas Part 1

Decorating a kid room might kind of tricky, you need to create fun room that also have a playful vibe. Not to forget that the room itself must feel comfortable at the same time. Then by applying these kid’s bedroom designs into your bedroom, you could create a spaces that your lovely kid would be happy to send to their room. Or they could feel it as a reward than a punishment.

First, you might need to decorate the room with a stylish color palette. It will give your kid a beautiful kid room that they hard to resist. Adding smart furnishings and you have bedrooms for young boys and girls. The kids bedroom might be perfect to support your kids transition to more grown-up spaces.

1. Pink Circus Bedroom

Who said that it’s no, to use hot pink tone on the wall? Well in order to give your kids a fun bedroom, then it might be a great idea to create a circus-inspired bedroom. To provide a joyous atmosphere, you could add a faux fireplace mantel next to bedside shelf space. Just mix the colors and patterns together to help you to give the room spirit and individuality to the kid’s bedroom design.

Why your kid will Love It? Since the kids room are an opportunity to experiment. You could make use the prints, patterns, and colors you can make anything as you desire. By mixing and match those element together. It will give you a thrilling combination to your kid’s bedroom design

2. Nautical Boys’ Bedroom

For this kids bedroom design, your room space won’t be an issue. All you need just make use the vertical space, with so many useful vertical space, it would be the best dream scenario that your boy can have. Your little boy will love this kids bedroom design. You can still make use of the space beneath the beds and make a storage. Just put a straw basket under your bed for create a breeze storage. Now how about creating some privacy at bedtime? All you need just using individual curtains on each bed to provide it.

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