Some Fun Kids Bedroom Ideas

Since the bedroom is a place when we will spend most of your time inside it, then you might need to consider transforming your kid’s room as well. Giving a fun kid bedroom is worth the trouble, your beloved kids will love the room.  Luckily this article will provide you some fun bedroom ideas that would be perfect for both of your kids, be it boy or girls. Just check it out:

1. Summer Camp Boys’ Bedroom

This kind of cottage home is actually inspired by the parents’ lingering memories, the use the childhood summer camp experience to create a fun kid bedroom. The room is oriented around two bunk beds, its fitted with drawers that can be found below for storage. The rug on the wicker chairs and the Classic Cloth shade fabric play a great role in order to give the room fun touch.

How about improve the fun kid bedroom design by adding a seating area with wicker chairs? These stuffs can be in various color such as red, white, and blue. It will also serve as a metaphor for tree stumps encircling a campfire. You could also use the bunk beds and headboard ceilings to give timeless elements of a summer cottage. The atmosphere will give a lake vibe.

2. Fairytale Girl’s Bedroom

Ethereal pink bedroom is what you need to give your beloved little girl a fun kid bedroom. It will be a wonderful give to her that even make the most consummate princess envy. Classic lines and feminine colors is what you need to decorate the room. You can have it by using a pale pink and cream headboard of the alcove. Just enclose the bed with a lines and feminine colors as well. To provide your little one an optimal reading light, blue-and-pink patterned quilt will do. It will add sweetness inside the room.

How about give a built-in bed that have a glide mechanism? A Swedish-inspired bed like this one will allow the mattress to be easily pulled out. Just disguise it as a drawers in order to add magical touch to the room. It’s a clever way to enhance the room right?

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