Fun Kids Room Decorating Ideas Part 2

We have plenty of things when it come into decorating a kid’s bedroom. It’s an important task to create a fun kids bedroom, the reason is simply because it’s the place where your kid will spend most of their time.  We will support you by giving you few fun kids bedroom decoration tips, just check it out.

1. Nautical Boys’ Bedroom

When you use this kind of bedroom design, the limited space issue won’t be a problem anymore. By making use of the vertical space you can have so much useful space inside your bedroom. For your little boy, it might be a dream scenario. Let’s take it to the next level by using straw basket under your bed. By using it beneath your beds, you can create storage a breeze. Your kid will sure love this fun kids bedroom design. Land for the final touch, how about adding individual curtains on each bed?  This will allow for some privacy at bedtime.

Your little boy will love this fun kid’s bedroom, why? Because the nautical theme itself will extend even the smallest details. The classic white and navy lines, the button rivets on the pillowcases, the boat propeller ceiling fans, everything will be doubled better than before.

2. Sunny Nursery Bedroom

The abundant sunlight from oversized windows might be a great source of lighting for your fun kids bedroom, don’t you agree? With eco-friendly nursery design which is decked out with creamy white mineral-based lime paint combined together with hardwood floors, it will give your kids a fun kids bedroom that hard to resist. Just make sure that you use a low-VOC non-toxic sealer for finished touch. The handcrafted wood with nontoxic finishes line shelves and animals crafted will make the room so playful and vibe out fun atmosphere.

Imagine how the blonde wood paired with white painted walls. Together, these combinations can be used to light up the kid’s bedroom with a warm and natural light. It’s a good idea to create this kind of fun kids bedroom right? The crib’s cozy linens and organic fill-mattress is what you need to provide soothing vibe for your little baby.

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