Headboard Costuming Ideas for your Bedroom Part 1

When you look at your headboard, what do you think of it? The headboard is your room focal point, be it rustic, edgy or even classic, the headboard serve as enhancement for your nighttime. By echoing the right headboard you can give important design factor to your bedroom. Luckily it does not mean that you are limited to what you see in the furniture showroom. You can choose another headboard ideas to make up your bedroom.
Once you decide to make a headboard you desire, take a look at your own wallet. Consider your budget well and the time also the comfort level of DIY project. Whit this consideration you can start doing this project. Check these bedroom ideas below is you does not know what kind of headboard you should choose for your bedroom. Check them out.

1.  Wood headboard

The most coming thing when it comes to DIY headboard project is wood. Doors, shutters, window frames, fireplace mantels or even barn wood, this item will be a good material to make excellent backdrops for your bed. Or you have something better in your mind? The wood material will offer versatility to your bedroom. it just endless.

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Has nothing In your mind? Then let’s just take this example. You can make a beautiful masterpiece or repurpose some chipped vintage door frames. This will make your bedroom look good and also help you tone up your bedroom. The using shutter is one of the best choices since its perfect to be headboard if you want a beach cottage atmosphere in your bedroom. Using wood as your headboard will provide you infinite opportune it since there are multiple options to explore and so mush finishes style whose is friendly to your wallet.

2.  Fabric headboard

If you want something softer for your DIY headboard, using fabric as the main material is the best choice. Fabric when used as your headboard can offer many soft, indulgent choices such as tufted, buttoned or pin tucked headboards or something more casual.

You can craft this headboard easily without the formality, all you need just simply hanging a quilt or a curtain behind your bed. And by doing so you just create a focal point in your bedroom which is you can make in no time.

Modern Bedroom with Fabric Upholstered Headboard Design Headboard Costuming Ideas for your Bedroom Part 1 DIY Bedroom Headboard Furniture Ideas Headboard Costuming Ideas for your Bedroom Part 1 DIY Wooden Bedroom Headboard Design Ideas Headboard Costuming Ideas for your Bedroom Part 1