Headboard Costuming Ideas for your Bedroom Part 2

Headboard can give big impact to your room design, but do you know that this one is actually the easiest bedroom component you can make by yourself? There are limitless ideas of headboard you can try.
In case you have not already read the previous article, then I suggest you to read it since you can learn about wood and fabric headboard.  Now let’s just advance to the next material. Check them out.

1.  Metal headboard

By using metal headboard in your bedroom, you can give a romantic feel into your bedroom. a wrought-iron gate with artificial flowers can easily do it when you use it in your bedroom as the headboard.

By using an intricate decorative cut you can soften the industrial feel of sheet metal in your bedroom. Sound a good plan right? While metal may not too appealing to every taste, but there is limitless option to try. This would be a perfect opportunity to make your own signature headboard from this material.

2.  Free-form headboard

This one is less creative form of you can try, there is in fine design freedom to transform your bedroom into something new. You can just use almost anything in decorating your bedroom, be it pillows, pieces of driftwood or bamboo, or even vintage.

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You can infuse your personality while using a free form headboard to create interests into this creation. It will be wonderful especially if it’s your passion. Now you can make the focal point in your bedroom look better with this free form design.

3.  Art-based headboard

This one is also similar to free-form headboards, especially to its ability to capture your interest. Art-based headboards just have a little more structure than free-form headboards. Fist you might need to cover up canvases with fabric or paint and group them on the wall above your bed. You can also use framing picture of your beloved one to make more personalized of headboards, backdrop of your favorite quotes also work well in this art-based headboards.

If you can’t decide the color to decorate your headboard then try arranging the paint in a way that appeals your eyes. This project will help you create a signature piece that easily changeable.

Cool Free form Bedroom Headboard Design Ideas Headboard Costuming Ideas for your Bedroom Part 2 Art Based Bedroom Headboard Headboard Costuming Ideas for your Bedroom Part 2 Contemporary Bedroom with DIY Metal Headboard Ideas Headboard Costuming Ideas for your Bedroom Part 2