How to Help Your Small Bedroom Bigger

Do you feel that your bedroom is small and full of item? Did you feel this small space move around and relaxing inside of it? Nobody would feel comfortable inside of a small and limited space bedroom. The room will fell limited to do anything you want.

You don’t need to worry about it anymore. Now you can make your bedroom feels larger and save up more space by doing this several tips. The overall space won’t is larger but you can give more extra space for your bedroom. Check them up.

Extend the headboard

To reduce your bed dominance, you can make the headboard wider than necessary. The room will feel expensive if you use a large white headboard for your bedroom. You can custom the headboard that has the embossed pattern. It will add texture and subtle movement for your bedroom.  Using supersized headboard is worth to try if you want to make your bedroom fell larger.

White on white

Using white color can help you to make the room feels larger the actual is. This is the simplest way to deal with a small room. Lighten everything in the room space with all white. Try it out. Your room will look fancy in white, white up your walls, linen, ceiling and off-white carpet. Even your window closed a white color helps to make your bedroom seem larger

Use a floor to ceiling wardrobe

Building a floor-to-ceiling wardrobe in a small bedroom might sound not to be a good idea, especially for a small bedroom isn’t? but trust me it will work wonderfully for your small bedroom. You can maximize the room space by keeping the room clean and simple. Don’t forget that the flow of the room creates an illusion of space to your eyes. If you have too much free-standing furniture in your room, you definitely will feel that your room is smaller.

Use the mirror feature on your wall

The trick to making your limited space feels larger is by using mirrors. The mirror will trick your eyes into think that the room is larger the actual is, but of course, space is still the same. You can visually double the size of your bedroom by hanging the wall up. Make sure that you adding power points of table lamp before the mirrored wall is installed.

Adding mirror for the wardrobe doors

As you read above the mirror is the simple and classical trick to expand your bedroom. It will always work. How about using floor-to-ceiling mirrored door? The room’s interior reflected by the mirror and you can easily enjoy the clean lines and color palette of your bedroom. Now, space will feel larger, more open and welcoming than before.

Install a fold-away bed

You can free a large space in your bedroom by installing a folding bed. Why have a bed in your room when no one is sleeping on it? You can have a spacious room no matter how do you want to use it, be it a guest room or an office inside your home. All you need to do is to pushing off the office chair under the table, by doing so will help you to create plenty of space. It will be a real deal if you have a guest sleeping over. You can just fold the bed up into alcove when no one uses it anymore.

Add some extra storage

All you need is to develop a clever storage for your small bedroom. How about using the corners of the room? This is the perfect option instead of squeezing your drawers or a small wardrobe to fit into space.

How about having a set of drawers on either side of the bed? You can use its as  double purposed furniture and use it as bedside tables. By placing two cabinets floating above the drawers, you can make an extra storage that can hold your clothing or anything you may need to store. The good part of these is you will make your room free from clutter.

These tips are what you can do to your lovely bedroom to maximize the space. Now you can save up more space for your bedroom Hope you find it useful for your small bedroom.

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