How to Selecting Perfect Size Bed

When coming into the bedroom, the bed is the most important furniture. One can’t separate bedroom and bed do they? You need to give a deep thought when to want to choose a bed for your bedroom. It will give big impact to your night time and your sleep quality as well. When choosing a bed, you need to consider the size of your bed. You won’t feel comfortable if the bed is too small. In the US there are several bed sizes that available, such as Twin, Single, Double, Full, King, California King, Western King, and Eastern King and etc.

if this is your first time, you might find it a little bit confusing. The names might be confusing for you, but each type of bedroom has well-defined characteristics.  Here a quick description about the beds.

Twin bed

The twin bed or known as the single bed is a narrow type bed and usually used for small rooms.  If you want to use a bed for children’s bedroom, this kind of bed is the best answer. The single bed can be too short for an adult.

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Extra long beds

There is longer bed than a standard twin bed tat called twin extra long beds. This kind of beds  usually can be easily found in college dorm rooms., keep in mind when you want to purchase one for your room that twin extra long bed is difficult to find.

Queen sized bed

For the couple, there is perfect bed for them that called Queen sized bed. Most couples preferred that’s Queen sized bed just the right size for them.

King sized bed

If you Prefer larger bed for your bedroom, the King sized bed is the perfect answer. King sized beds are great for couples since the can have the same share of space. Using this kind of bed is the best choice if there are enough space in your room. Mostly you can found King sized bed in bedroom suites.

Hope this article useful for helping you in determining which bed size is perfect for your bedroom. Make sure you check the size that suit you room space before purchasing one.

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