Ideas for Your Kid’s Bedroom

Bedroom for children is not only a room for sleep but it also has some other functions. Children love to spend their time in the bedroom for playing, studying, reading stories, drawing, and so on. Sometimes, bedroom also becomes a place for children socialization with their peers.  Every parent wants to give the best for their children including in room decoration. For you who have active children with their fantasy world, you need to take a theme for your children bedroom. Ideas can come from your child. Choose one which is loved by your child.

  1. Like a zoo

Fill your child’s room with some animals! Of course, they’re not true animals. You just need to paint the wall with some cute creatures like bunnies, chicks, pandas, cats, birds, etc. Or you can make your child bedroom like a zoo. Create some pictures of zoo animals like elephant, giraffe, camel, monkey, and so on. You can also encourage your child knowledge about animals.

  1. Fairyland

Whether your child is girl or boy, children always like a fairy tale. Choose one tale which is liked by your child such as Cinderella, Snow White, Frozen, Pinocchio, Jack and the Beanstalk, etc. Fairyland theme is very attractive and it can make your child more comfortable.

  1. Sea World

Sea world theme is identical with the exotic blue color. The blue color will make the bedroom more calm and comfortable. Paint the seascape on the wall with some fishes. Choose a blue carpet like water and put it on the floor around the bed. In addition, you can make a bedstead like a wooden ship. Also, you can add some animal dolls like a dolphin, whale or penguin in your child bedroom. It’s interesting, right?

  1. Racing Theme

For you who have boys, they may like car racing. If your children like cars, you can make it as a bedroom idea. Now, you can find a unique bed model in some interior stores. For this theme, choose a car bedstead for your children such as sports car or Ferrari model. Make sure that the size and color are suitable for your child.

I hope those ideas can inspire you to create the best bedroom for your children. You can ask an interior designer to help you in decorating your children bedroom. Let’s be creative!

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