Improve Your Bedroom Using Warm Color Part 2

Are you want to add some warm into your own bedroom? Then this several color will help you to improve your bedroom.

One of the colors that considered neutral or warm is brown. Brown also conveys comfort as well. There plenty of color choice since this color ranged from deep espresso to auburn to pale latte. Just go dark or muted as you desire, the choice is on you.

If you are looking for a color that will work well in a bedroom with large windows, picking up the deep brown is a good call. You could balance out the darker shade with fabrics, rugs and other accessories. It will provide a touch of light or bright color.  The best part of using brown color is this kind of color is actually will also look goof combined with other warm colors. You can try combine orange, lime green, or even some shades of purple and it will do without fail.

Well we agree that red is kind of a color that appeals to many people, but you might find it a little bit overpowering for the bedroom, don’t you? For those who actually love red color, if you want to apply for the room then you should go with a muted shade. If you want to add a true red, then you need to consider painting just one wall as an accent. To give your bedroom the right amount of sizzle, all you need just add some red from behind a headboard or wall art. Just balance out your walls with accessories and fabrics. You could pair up fabric in white, black or neutral shades for this job.

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Even if you want to apply the warm color scheme in your bedroom, you might also consider from infusing the touches of cool tones as well. These tones can help you to provide some balance to your bedroom appearance. Just consider some accent such as aqua blue, turquoise or purple. These accents will work the best against a palette of yellow or orange shades. Make sure hat you remember to keep these accents small. The main purpose of your bedroom is a place of rest, not unrest.

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