Inspirational Ideas for Black and White Bedroom

Nowadays, the black and white theme is popular. These following design ideas may inspire you to apply that theme to your room.


You may think that black and white color seems monotonous. That monotonous and boring image can be eliminated by adding natural touches in the room such as stone or wood. With few natural elements, not only it makes your room more cozy and comfortable, but also the boring impression will be disappearing from your room.

B&W Wallpaper

Stripes or unique pattern of wallpaper can add dramatic effects to your dwelling. If you think you have a too high room wall, you can apply wallpapers. But if you use the wallpaper as your room’s point of interest, then you shouldn’t use excessive pattern on the other decorations. You just need to highlight one or two elements, whether your wallpaper of furniture’s uniqueness.

White and Casual

White is a color that symbolized cleanliness. Besides that, it also creates a sense of calm, comfortable, and relief. If you want a room dominated by white, then you can paint the wall and ceiling with white and choose white tiles for the floor. Although the floor, wall, and ceiling are white, you can add some contrast-colored attractive accent on some of your furniture such as cabinets, sheets, rugs, and even additional accessories such as hanging painting and frames.


You can also combine black and white color with brown. Although using 3 colors, your room won’t seem stuffy. Instead, since using neutral colors such as black or white, the brown color will look livelier. For white walls that are too wide, try to give a stand out accent such as a headboard or a rather high wardrobe with non-matching color.


Red is often referred as a color that symbolized courage and spirit. Besides classy, there are some things you should consider if you want to mix red with black and white. To create a minimalist impression, paint your walls with black or white first. Then if you choose white for wall interior, use black for accessories such as curtains or other furniture. Apply some bright colors like red at some point only. Avoid adding excessive pattern or design to the wall. Keep your room simple but interesting to look at.

A black and white room is interesting, right? Try applying those inspirations above to your room.

Contemporary Small Bedroom with Black and White Damask Pattern Wallpaper Ideas Inspirational Ideas for Black and White Bedroom Modern Black and White Bedroom Combine with Another Color Inspirational Ideas for Black and White Bedroom  Inspirational Ideas for Black and White Bedroom