Japanese Style Bedroom Design Tips Part 1

1. Elements of Nature

Inside a Japanese style interior design, you can easily spot on the element of nature that filled the room. Well, the Japanese culture itself are saturated in a love and respect the nature. Do you know that the best way to maintain a strong relation with the natural world, is to bring in the nature? Yes, all you need just bring the nature indoor. You should do it inside your bedroom to improve the Japanese style interior design.

For instance, how about infuse the room with a natural touch by adding traditional Japanese plants? You could do it easily by adding bonsai and bamboo into your bedroom. It’s also a simple way to give a Japanese cultural touch into your bedroom. The best way is you can add any deep greenery and still achieve a similar style. Then how about go for a sleek plants? palm or orchid can be used to decorate the space. Just make sure that you keep the room simple, natural and green. The reason is simply you won’t see a lot of colorful floral arrangements in a Japanese room.

2. Japanese Style Sliding Doors or Screens

You might already aware that the Japanese style interior design always bring nature inside the room through large, expansive windows. This kind of windows will allow a view of nature from every angle. Thus why  you will easily find the Japanese bedroom are featured with large sliding glass door. This door brings serene, natural views indoors and while you open up you will be welcomed with the wonders of nature.

Usually, the traditional Japanese bedroom use an authentic Japanese screen, Shoji. Shoji is essential design element in Japanese interior design. Well, unlike using door Shoji’s slide are back and forth. This will help you to save space that a swinging door would take. You can have more space this way.

This authentic Japanese screen is of fine translucent paper held inside a wooden frame. You can find this kind of modern versions on online. Usually they are made of glass panels inside a wooden grid.

Stunning Japanese Style Bedroom with Decorative Plants Ideas Japanese Style Bedroom Design Tips Part 1 Cozy Japanese Style Bedroom Design with Red Bedding and Shoji Doors Japanese Style Bedroom Design Tips Part 1 Contemporary Japanese Style Bedroom with Natural Touch Japanese Style Bedroom Design Tips Part 1