How to Make Your Bedroom Free From Children

Do you have children in you home? Sometimes it would be hard to keep privacy in your bedroom. It almost impossible with young children in one house.  Statistic says that according to Get it on! Sex Lives Survey, during a passionate moment  41% of  the parents are interrupted by their kids.

The data says that over 27.7% of the parent hide under the duvet while 30% of them pretending to play a game during the night. 17% of the parents use this opportunity to have a discussion with their children. Telling them about the parents also need a private time together. These tips will help you to avoid embarrassing moments and get the bedroom back into your hand.

Your children won’t understand that you want privacy if you encourage them to get into bed with you. So, you need to be consistent about what the messages you want to tell to your children. Well, sometimes they won’t understand it. The tips for making bedroom be your own space, you need to change morning cuddles in the bedroom with cuddles on the sofa. You can use blankets and cushions

If during the night your children keep getting out from the bed and want to come into your bed you bed to be firm with your children. You need to put them back into their bedroom gently, but firm. You can still do it without talking or turn the lights on.

It might be a hard start, but once your children realize that this is what will happen during bedtime gradually they will get used to it. You can enjoy your evening in joy for now.

You can help smaller children go to sleep soon by using blackout blinds. It will make the room darker. A light will make your child think that it’s playtime, it doesn’t mean bedtime to them. Sometimes night-lights disturb their children from sleep, while others feel it calmly and can  help them to sleep. You need to find out what works best for your child.

Hope this tips can help you to claim your bedroom and make it free from your children

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