Make Your Bedroom Wonderful in White

White decoration can bore if you don’t organize it properly. However, that color is quite popular among interior design choices. White decoration usually raises clean effect, bright, bigger look, and stunning. Thus, it is appropriate to be applied in your bedroom. If you want to decorate your bedroom in white concept, you must consider some things to make your bedroom look wonderful. This article may help you in designing your bedroom.

Combine with texture

The White color is identical with monotone and plain. You can outsmart it by applying texture. Apply certain texture on your wall to create the different look. You can choose stripes texture to emerge dynamic impression in your bedroom. Besides the wall, you can play texture in your curtain or carpet since fabric accentuates the softness in your bedroom.


Furniture choice will determine your room character. Thus, it is important for you to plan what you want to your bedroom. You should invest in furnishings such as the shape and colors. If your room is too spacious, you can create a more intimate scale by putting some big furniture. Otherwise, if you want to create a wider look, you must select small and functional furniture in your bedroom.

Metals for timeless combination

Choose your favorite metals like bronze, chrome, or silver to combine with white color. Those metals will also bring a glamorous impression in your room. Arrange some small metals furniture on your table or hanging on your wall. However, don’t put too many metals in your bedroom to make it more natural.

Black tones

You can also give a bit black tones in your bedroom to balance the expanse of white. Put some little black items such as picture’s frame, lamp fixtures, clock, artworks, or other hanging items. That touch will allow your eyes to rest among white exposure. Besides, the combination of black will reduce the cold impression in your room.

Another touch

For another alternative, you can add a natural touch to your bedroom. Put a little pot of plant in your room or a plastic plant if you don’t like planting.

Now you can find out that white decoration can be comfortable as well as glamorous and elegant.

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