How to Make Dust-free Bedroom for Asthma

Do you have asthma? It a good thing if you start to looking good ways to reduce your allergens you can start it by reducing your dust in your home. Well, it’s certainly impossible to create a room completely free from the dust. You can follow this The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases tips for reducing your asthma.

Although the idea might not work for everyone you can still try it up to help you from your asthma. But it’s not painfully to use the suggestion in your bedroom. Here the suggestion.

For the floor, if possible you should remove your carpet from your bedroom. As we know that dust can be easily found on carpet area. It’s not a bad thing if you can’t do this. You still can reduce the dust by cleaning it with a good vacuum. Make sure you clean it up regularly to reduce the amount of dust that accumulate on your carpet.

For the cleaning tips, you should clean up your  bedroom one a week. Make sure you clean the floors, all of your furniture from the top of the door window frames and the skills. Use a wet cloth for clean your bedroom. To remove the dust from your curtain you need to wash it often in 130 degrees Fahrenheit.  Make sure you make the air in your room  fresh regularly. The fresh air can help you to get a good quality air for your bedroom.   You can use high-efficiency particulate absorption air filter for your bedroom.  You can also use dehumidifier, but make sure to clean it up regularly to prevent mold from growing

For your bed, I suggest for using a dust-proof or allergen-proof to cover your mattress and the box springs. Is best if you only use washable materials on the bed. Then you can easily remove the dust from it. Wash you sheets, blankets, and other bedclothes frequently. Make sure you wash it  at 130 degrees Fahrenheit to kill the bacteria.

For the last, if you have a pet in your home. You should avoid bring it in your bedroom. People with severe allergies should keep his pets out from the bedroom.

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