How to Make Fancy Headboard from Everyday Items

You can make the focal point in your bedroom by using a headboard. It also adds dimension to your bedroom. You can use it instead of lining your plain pillow on your bed. By using headboard you can make your bedroom fells cozier. You can transform your bedroom by using headboard since it creates an additional layer for your bed. No won’t ever find your bedroom feel flat if you using a headboard inside of it.

To make your room looks good you won’t need a fancy and high price of the headboard. All you need is to think out of the box, thinking outside the usual ways. You can use some material you can found on your home, use a recycled material is a good option to cut off your budget. All you need is creativity. This item will look more elaborated and you won’t need a high effort in making them. You should try out this headboard for your bedroom.

  1. Upholster it

As we discussed above, to create an outstanding headboard you don’t even need to an expensive upholstered headboard. You can create your own version of headboard for your bedroom, and it’s still can look as fancy as the other expensive one. You can create it using upcycled materials.

For this mission, you will  need a piece of plywood, fabrics, and padding. Your need to gather some usable discarded material, a leftover piece of plywood from a friend or your unused one. You can re-use your bed sheet with a pattern you loved the fabric. Do you need a large fabric for this project? Try to scour secondhand shops for large one then.

Try to cut off the plywood. It would work better if you know someone who handful with the equipment. You can ask for help to cut the plywood in a unique shape, like romantic curves or more modern one. Just leave it alone is as it won’t make your headboard look bad. If you don’t want, you don’t even need to add padding or foam for your headboard.

  1. Old ladder

How about give your bedroom an eclectic look? You can provide some eclectic look for your bedroom just by hang an old wooden ladder. All you need is to hang it horizontally above your bed.

This look will work well for every room, especially if your room has a vintage feel for your bedroom. You need to take a closer look at your ladder. Is it slats of wood in they are wide enough? If yes, you can dress it up. storing books, candles or any other décor will look good on it. Just put everything that you think it would fit with your room style.

  1. Shuttered

Hanging your old window shutters side-by-side above your bed is another option for your bedroom. You can add some texture from the slats in the shutters. This way you can add some look that far more exciting than using a plain wood headboard. This also gives some uniqueness than using a headboard that you can purchase anywhere.

Use an outstanding color to paint your shutters, this will make your headboard stand out against your walls. Now your headboard will have the perfect vintage look. All you need is to hang it out on your wall. Ii Simple isn’t?

  1. Board up

Nothing beat the easiness of this headboard. All you need is to put together a bunch of random planks of wood. Mount them on your wall above the bed. Use your creativity to design it up as you desire. To make them at all at the same size, you may need to cut the boards. You can also hang them up in uneven lengths it still works well. Adjust it as you want. Be it vertical or horizontal. Make the look as you desire, the look that you love.

Now you just need to give the final touch. You can paint your new headboard, or leave it as it. Don’t forget that you can still also paint a pretty design or message on the rustic wood.

These several tips will help you to provide a unique headboard for your bedroom. You can use your imagination and search more inspiration to make a headboard that fit your style.

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