How to Make a Healthy Bedroom Extra

Do you want to transform your bedroom into a healthy bedroom? There are never ending to-do list to help you transform your bedroom into a healthy one. It’s important to create a healthy environment for us since you well be the one who spending most your time inside of the bedroom.

In case you have not already read this previous article of How to make a healthy bedroom, you may need to read it first. In this previous article, you will be informed about how to get rid clutter from your bed, dust your bedroom and clean up your carpet. These work will help to provide you a healthy bedroom. Now get ready for the extra tips.

  1. Kepp your pet away

Do you have pets in your house? You may need to considering to keep them away from your bedroom. Pets are full of allergens, that why they are can be a source of your allergic and asthma. If possible, you may need to keep them from your bedroom or just don’t let them sleep in the bed with you. It will reduce your chance to get allergic, providing a separate bed is the good way to keep your pet, you both of you can get a good sleep.

  1. Use DIY Cleaner
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Instead of using chemical cleaner and detergent, why don’t you using a green friendly cleaner? Most of the cleaner we bought from the store are from chemical, by suing natural cleaner you can help to make a healthy bedroom. A DIY cleaner from natural and organic ingredients can prevent any harsh odors and chemicals gen enhanced when you sleep.

  1. Wash your sheet regularly

There is nothing new from this one right? All you need just to wash your sheet regularly  to gets rid of any moisture and skin cells that shed while you sleep. This will definitely make your bedroom area clean. For the best sleeping experience, you should wash your sheets and pillowcases weekly. To keep your bed even cleaner you can use a healthy mattress protector.

Hope you find these articles help you in creating a healthy bedroom.

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