How Make a Pink Adult Bedroom

Do you have ever thought to transform your current bedroom and paint it in pink color? You might think that using pink color for your room kind of childish or make your room an image of images of a Barbie’s Dream House bedroom from your childhood. When you used it thoughtfully, the pinky shade can look amazing in your adult bedroom. Yes, your adult bedroom. Who say pink can’t be used in the adult room? You can take a look these several ideas about how using a pink tone for your room.

  1. Use pink accent pillows go a long way

Using a pillow can be solution about turn your room into pink room. Pink throw pillows can provide the right amount of color you need for the room, and it also helps you to make a feel of fun and refreshing.

  1. A pink neon sign.

Go bold with your bedroom. Every celebrity home these days featured a modern neon sign in their home. You can look at Lauren Conrad and Kourtney Kardashian room design. You can make it as the focal point of your bedroom by hanging it above your bed. You absolutely can’t go wrong when using pink neon sign for decorating your room/

  1. Pink flowers
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Now here we go the ultimate room pick-me-up. Pink flowers. You can use pink flower such as roses or peonies to make a great accent for your room. You will love the look of mixing pink flowers that make a romantic bouquet. A romantic touch in your bedroom can boost your mood.

  1. Pink accessories.

You can decorate your bedroom using pink accessories. Don’t be afraid to be creative while  decorating your bedroom using pink color! You can use everything on your own. Literary everything. From pink shoes, a nightstand even a mantel if you have one.

  1. Mix and match different pink shade

Let’s make your room more lively. You can use the different shade of pink for your bedroom. Don’t stick to just one shade. Be creative and have experiment about mixing pink tones to make a totally unique room.

  1. Make a pink piece of art as the focal point.

Make use of your piece of pink art as  the focal point of your bedroom. Don’t you have one for your room? You don’t even have to buy one then, all you need is to paint a canvas pink and hang it up above your bed.

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