Makeover Tips for Small Bedroom Part 1

Have a small space? Don’t be worry about is anymore since you can use anything to  expands the possibilities of your small bedroom. If you plan on doings some bedroom makeover, but  don’t think that you have enough space in your bedroom, then you just found the right article. This article will help you to make a lovely bedroom even you have a small space. You can create a stylish bedroom even it small.

Well, in modern and luxurious bedroom design, you an often see that there are sitting area, small office or even king size bed in your bedroom. But this kind of bedroom can affect you from the main purpose of your bedroom. To rest and sleep. Then why don’t make this room into your best retreat place?

1. Keep Colors Light and Bright

You can use white color to make expansive look in your small space, this is the common option to make your bedroom look larger. By using white color you can keep your bedroom space from looking too busy or locked. White color or light color also help you to brighten up space. It especially good if you want to cover up your small space or windowless room.

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If you afraid to make outstanding look in your bedroom, all you need is just layer it up with white  tone. By layering your bedroom with white tone you can keep your small bedroom from feeling cold or having void personality. Just pair it up with different texture of even use white-on-white patterns to add some drama in your bedroom. By simply adding pattern and using chrome bedside lamp together, it can create  stylish look in your bedroom.

2. Embrace Minimalism

You can add some space by choosing your favorite furniture that essential in your bedroom. Focus it to your bed, by keeping your furniture piece and accessories low into minimum you can enlarge the room and make it more spacious. Just get rid of anything that not belong in your bedroom. Want another suggestion? How about using sleek, contemporary built-ins for your bedroom then? It would be a brilliant idea since you can add some additional storage in your bedroom.

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