Makeover Tips for Small Bedroom Part 2

Are you the resident of a small bedroom? Thinking about doing some change to make your bedroom more spacious? Now you can take it easy since you can do some bedroom transformation to enhance your bedroom.

In case you have not already read up the previous article of “Makeover Tips for Small Bedroom” , I recommend you to read it first. This article will help you to space up your bedroom. The previous article will help you to inform you about using color and using minimalist design to make your bedroom more spacious.

Now let’s roll to main article, just fix your seat and get ready for it.

1. Push Your Bed Up Against a Corner

You can easily find bed that centering on the wall. You can maximize your floor space by tucking your bed up against your bedroom wall or corner. Now you can create a sleeping area that feels comfortable than before. If you find it like a college dorm room, then how about adding two headboard corner system in your bedroom? By adding headboard corner system you can create a finished look in your bedroom.

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2. Live Vertically

Have a limited floor space in your bedroom? Now look up at your ceiling, do you have. If floor space is limited but you have higher ceilings, consider adding a loft or platform for your sleeping area with storage or seating underneath. This isn’t an option for everyone, but for those who don’t mind literally climbing into bed, this layout can completely transform a space.

3. Add Wallpaper

Your bedroom might be small but when it com into bedroom decorating it does mean you have to let it dull. You can add bold wallpaper pattern to make focal interest in your bedroom, it’s a good option than making use your headboard. Some people might think that wallpaper makes the room look small and clutter. But by choosing the correct style and technique you can have the opposite effect, or even make your whole room look fabulous. Have no idea what kind of wallpaper you should choose for your bedroom? Choose a large-scale pattern over a small one is a good option. Create a cohesive look by coordinate your bedding is easier since you have new beautiful wallpaper.

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