How to Re-purpose Your Vintage Bed Sheet

You can always transform your bedroom into one or another style. This personal room need your touch to feel more “you”. You can fill it with passion or transform your room into a natural and relaxing one.

Have you ever try to transform your current bedroom into vintage style? A vintage theme bedroom certainly gives a charming touch into your room. If you want to add some cheerfulness to your  bedroom, making it up with bold-patterned vintage linens is the correct option. You can always give a fun touch to your room. Following these tips will provide you how to repurpose your vintage bed sheets.

  1. Use the vintage bed sheets as curtains.

Using your vintage bed sheet as a curtain is the simplest ways to transform it into an outstanding decoration for any room. The vintage bed sheet will dress up your bedroom. You can also save you money by repurposing the bed sheets. As you already know some items might have an expensive price.

You will need to hem your vintage bed sheet. You could also use this tips, all you need is some curtain clips. Hang your bed sheet up using curtain clips, and it’s done.

Sometimes if you’re quite lucky all you need is to fit your vintage bed sheet into a curtain rod and just hang it. Look around the hem, sometimes the bed sheets often already have a pocket of space around it. Using twin sheets work best if you want to use it as curtains. Two twin sheets should work for your windows.

  1. Use your bed sheet as an art.

For this project, all you need is to choose a pattern that fits your bedroom style. As you know that you can easily find powerful flower patterns, or vivid polka dots or stripes vintage bed sheet.  It will become an easy do-it-yourself wall art. You will be surprised how your bedroom transformed into

You may require a canvas board, make sure you know the right size you want for this project and the final tools is a staple gun. You can easily find these items such as canvas boards at crafts and art supply stores.

Now time to create some art. First, you need to lay down your vintage bed sheet on a flat surface. Then place the canvas face down on top of it. Fold the sheet around the edges of the canvas, do it look like you wrap a present. To make the sheet fit better you might need to trim it. You need to staple the bed sheet into the canvas, at the back of the board. Be careful, make sure that your fabric doesn’t wrinkle. You definitely want looks smooth in front surface right? Now finish it by hanging it on the wall.

  1. Use vintage bed sheets as tablecloths.

You can also make use of your vintage bed sheet as tablecloths, you can make up your tablecloths by using it. Sounds great isn’t? all you need is to layer several bed sheet wits some varying patterns over your table. I would be a quick decoration for your next party.

  1. Create pillows using the bed sheets.

It’s a good choice if you want to turn your vintage bed sheets into a fashion retro accent pillows. You can still make outstanding decorative items for your bedroom. Well, we do know that to transform your vintage bed sheets into pillows you will need a sewing machine.

First, you will need to cut the bed sheet into two squares with the same size. Be careful with the measurement, make sure the bed sheet is about a half an inch bigger than the size you want the actual pillow to be. Place the brighter side of the bed sheet facing inwards. Sew three of the sides and if you were done, turn the fabric right side out. Now you need to stuff the pillow with filling before hand stitching it. If you want to create a fun look for your pillow, you can’t try to mix and match different patterns.

To transform your vintage bed sheet, all you need is creativity. You can always have fun in the making process. Just enjoy it. Hope you find it useful.

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