Simple Style Bedroom Transformation Ideas

Pink cool usually associated with peace, rest, love its one of the perfect color choice for little girls. Decorating one bedroom with using pink as the main color is an obvious choice. But then if you want another pink touch for the room, there’s another option. Using soft , sweet princess” color can do the job well, it will be appropriate for all girls. To create a modern or giving sophisticated touch, you can use pink color with bold, vibrant color scheme to crate contrasts on your girl’s pink bedroom. Let your girl personal preference can determine the color that she desires for the room.

There are that just picking a bright pink color that suitable for your room. But then again you might need to consider there before go painting your bedroom in pink.

  1. Themes and Patterns

It’s essential to picking a theme for one bedroom. it will help you to set the right pink tone  for the room. Start brainstorming ideas with your gild to determine what bedroom theme she wants for her bedroom.

Little girls might prefer bedroom that includes fairy-tale princesses, magical fairies or a variety of dolls. And for older one you can add some butterflies, hearts, flowers, and pink guitar. Those set up will suit up your older girls.

  1. Color Palette
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To create a perfect bedroom for your girls, you need to choose pink color palette that she like. To create soft color scheme that suitable for any girl from any age, you can pick cotton-candy pink and paired it up with white color. This color combination will create an enduring soft color scheme.

To liven up space, adding bold color such as think lime green, bright tangerine, turquoise blue to any shade of pink can do. This way you can create livelier environment.

  1. Furniture and Accents

For a pink bedroom using black or white wooden furniture is the best choice since this kind of furniture complements the room. Using neutral color for your pink room also work well with almost any color scheme. If you want to create princess like bedding, assembling pulse with throw pillows will make it.

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