Simple Ways to Change Bedroom Looks

One day you woke up in the early morning, then you look around your bedroom and guess what, you feel bored with your old bedroom. You wonder what you can do to change the bedroom appearing. You can do some DIY to bring the difference into your bedroom, or maybe you can hire a pro to do this for you. Anything you want to choose one of them is okay.

Redecorate the bedroom and make it into the beautiful one is kind of a fun activity. You can add some new furniture and / or change the wall painting.

Here are some quick and simple ways to decorate your bedroom.

Paint the wall with the new color. You can paint your bedroom color with a new color or maybe you can just use the same color to make the bedroom looks fresh and lighter. You can apply the different color for each part of the wall, but keep in mind to stay in the main scheme. If you choose the soft color, you better to choose the same way. Because if not you will make the bedroom looks terrible.

Add the new pillow with difference pattern and color. Don’t be afraid to mix the patterns. Many patterns can bring the “retro” style into your bedroom, and it’s kind of cool.

There is a big blank wall in your bedroom? Then it’s time to hang a big picture. It has not to be a picture of yours or your family. You can use the graphic poster with any color. But the recommended color is white and black it can be matched with any color.

Play with the pattern at your bed cover. There are varieties of printed bed cover nowadays. Don’t be shy to use the rich pattern / color as your bed spread.

Put some new accessories into your bedroom. The new lampshade is a good idea. You can also change your old alarm clock with the new one. Have ever seen now most people do DIY to make their own accessories, sometimes the accessories have no benefits at all, but it looks good when put it in the bedroom such as origami craft in any shape and so on.

Nice Yellow Wall Painted on the Mediterranean Style Bedroom Decor Simple Ways to Change Bedroom Looks Decorative Bedroom Accessories and Pillows Ideas Simple Ways to Change Bedroom Looks Beautiful Bedroom with Printed Peacock Bed Cover Simple Ways to Change Bedroom Looks