Small Bedroom Decorating Tips Part 1

1. Clash patterns

Just be experiment with your bedroom, there would be no wrong in decorating a bedroom. Don’t shy away with your decorating plan, especially if you want to overload the pattern inside your bedroom. It will improve your small bedroom design into better one. Do you aware teeth a crazy bed linen print while matched with complementary tones and cushion will create a colorful riot? It’s a perfect chance to provide a fun, inspiring space inside your bedroom. It’s the best way to improve your small bedroom design.

2. Think pink

If you want a save option to decorate your small bedroom design, then using a white all is a safe bet that you can do. Just keep in your mind that the bedroom is a place where you can show your side, don’t be afraid to play with color. Then you can skip the white all and create a soft and romantic vibe, how about it? All you need just blush the walls and it can improve the small bedroom design. Just try dusty beige in a half or quarter, then you may need to layer bed linen to provide complement look.

3. Ditch the lamp

We do aware that the lighting itself needed in order to give you the best atmosphere that you need. The correct lighting source can improve the room mood in no time. Then how about adding a pendant light instead of adding a simple bedside lamp. By introducing significant feature pendant into your bedroom, it can help you to draw the eye down to the bed.

The best way of using it is, now you can frees up the bedside table and adds functionality to this free space. Now you can put some great decor inside your bedroom, or may be your favorite novel at your arm reach.

4. Keep it balanced

Just consider the bedside tables and lamps on either side of the bed, these stuff is very important to keep the room in balance. You might also add plant in the room as well. They filter the air and help you fresh in the morning.

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