Small Bedroom Decorating Tips Part 2

Do you want to decorate your bedroom and turn it into a better one? Actually this tips below will work even for a small bedroom design. Here check it out:

1. Get inventive

When it come into decorating a space, you might need to think outside the box especially if we are talking about decorating a small bedroom. Yes, decorating a small bedroom might kind of tricky but you can still improve the bedroom better than ever. You may want to thick cleverly about the storage. Just look at your bedside storage, you may find as a stack of magazines or books.

2. Add greenery

There is nothing that can defeat a nature force especially to improve your current bedroom space into a serene last retreat. This is a perfect chance to enhance your small bedroom design by adding plant into your room. Flowers or a touch of greenery will reminds us of nature and adds calm sense to the atmosphere. If you plan on relaxing more inside the bedroom, then adding plant is the best option for you. It will also improve your small bedroom design and add fresh look as well.  Then why don’t pick up some greenery to enhance the room?

3. Substitute with photos

For those who think that placing pant into your own room is not your thing, then how about adding a vase of native flowers or a photograph? Then a beautiful scene from nature photograph will give you the same effect that you desire. A stunning framed photograph will give you the serene atmosphere that feel like you go to outside of your bedroom. Noting would go bad by adding outdoor touch to your small bedroom design right? You will love this idea.

4. Play with the textures

Do you know hat in the world of styling, texture is king? Then why don’t you try to introduce it into your own bedroom? All you need just add throws, some carefully selected cushions and hide or a sheepskin. It can give you a big textural hit to the small bedroom design. You will love this idea especially on warmer months, gauzy fabrics and lightly crinkled linen can enhance the overall design of your bedroom.

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