Small Bedroom Design Tips Part 1

1. Squeeze storage in wherever you can

No matter how small your bedroom is, it’s important to look for the storage that fits the space inside your bedroom exactly. It’s impotent for this small bedroom design. You can make use the small area at the foot of these twin beds as well, this kind of space is perfect for chest of drawers. You could dress up the storage with bowed front and eau de nil paint finish, this will truly make your storage far better. To help you provide a framework of oak, then the beamed wall can provide what you need. This framework of oak could make the furniture look tailor-made. It will perfectly match with the spot next to the window.

2. Rock a retro look in a small white space

Now for this small bedroom design tips, how about adding a retro touch for small space? Do you know that the accessories can provide the decorating scheme? It would be a perfect solution especially if you only have room for a bed and little space. Your brilliant white bedroom can get to the next level by adding a vintage-style crocheted throw, spot cushions and wall-hung fabric pockets. This item would give you the color and pattern that the room need. For the final touch of this small bedroom design, the traditional over-mantel mirror is what you need.

3.Keep cool in pale gray and white

If you want to keep your small bedroom design feeling airy without being cold, then using a pale gray paint shade for walls is what you seek. Using the same paint on fitted furniture will help as well. By doing these, you could run of a single shade around the room, it will keep the looks simple, streamlined and sophisticated at the same time. Now you might love to dress up your bed in crisp white and black. Just match it with the blind, wall light and floor standing mirror. To create an interest to draws the eye, then a pendant shade combined with colorful birds could give you a contrasting piece.

Beautiful Retro Bedroom Design with White Colored Small Bedroom Design Tips Part 1 Gray and White Bedroom Colored with Retro Touch Small Bedroom Design Tips Part 1 Great Small Bedroom Storage Ideas Small Bedroom Design Tips Part 1