Teenage Bedroom Color Tips

Do you aware the teenager is love colors? Then when it comes into giving the best bedroom for your teenagers just don’t be afraid to let them choose bright shades. You should let the choose their favorites shades. There is nothing wrong in this project. Even if you are pick up the color combinations that seem unconventional, it will work well on any teenage bedroom color. Or at least it can be modified to keep everyone happy. Sound a great plan right? Here the teenage bedroom color ideas.

For the start, how about we consider the orange, purple, bright blue and navy shade as the teenage bedroom color? These colors are all popular with the teen. The black can even be used as well; you could make use of the black color in order to create a sophisticated look. Of course the look will be enough to appeal to your teenager. It won’t look dreary or dismal.

A particular favorite among teen girls you can depend on purple shade, this kind of color can be used for giving romantic to modern look. Well, its depend on the shade and what accent colors you choose. If you desire a glamorous look, a pair of rich shade purple combined with black furniture and art-deco light fixtures is what you need.  Adding white furniture and billowy fabrics will do, it could give your lavender room a dreamy look.

Well, some of your girl teens might want to use more feminine color, they would still love pink. But if your teenager’s girl is ready to take the color up a notch, then we suggesting to try a rich pink or salmon walls. Just combine it with accents in a bright shade of green, purple or sunny yellow. It will add pop of color in your teenager bedroom. Using modern furniture and geometric touches is the best idea. This way you will keep a teen’s pink bedroom not looked too young or frilly.

Now let’s give the boys chance, shall we? How about try warm brown or neutral beige to decorate a teen boy’s room? just combined with bright accents in orange, green or blue. This combination will give you a color pop. There are boys who still like blue during their teens. Infusing a rich cobalt or navy is the perfect way to combine accents in green or brown.

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