Tips For Enhancing Your Single Guest Bedroom Part 1

There is a perfect place to experimenting your bedroom design ideas, the guest bedroom. since this room are not always in use, that what make it ideal for your experiment place and see what might your bedroom idea turn out to be. Pick one idea from your bunch listed and apply it in the room. The guest room might be smaller and are not easy to decorate, especially if you want to apply a striking decoration for it. But you can still enhance your guest room with no matter the limit it has, just be creative. With the current arrangement, you can turn the guest room into a whole different and fantastic rooms.

Most of the designer will stick to this lighting rule. They will say that smaller rooms need enough light  and without any busy patterns, by doing so your small room will appear larger than actual is. It common rule that usually followed around, nothing wrong with it actually, but then again why make your guest rooms limited? You can push the boundaries of you’re a single guest room, whatever its actual dimensions. Just make a striking decoration that makes your rooms look as five-star hotel. Make it elegant and welcoming at the same time.
Your single guest room may look tired, especially if you have one bed shoved against one wall.

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Sometimes you even simply arranged the bedroom furniture opposite of the wall to give little floor space inside the room. Let’s leave this old way of arrangement and instead arrange your furniture to create a sub-room within your bedroom space. Don’t worry about the result, it can even give compelling effect in a small space.

Then it comes to the last tips. How about recessing the bed between furniture with storage underneath ? It will become awesome when applied on small bedroom. Or even if you want to create Asian like the atmosphere around, try to set up the single mattress over a raised area and  connect them to storage units. Has a bunch of poster in your bedroom? Well, four posters might be too much for your room just hang a few of it to make visual interest in your guest bedroom.

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