Tips to Make Your Small Bedroom More Spacious

A tiny bedroom always makes you confuse to arrange your furniture in it. It makes you lazy to organize it so your bedroom will look crowded and messy. If you have a narrow bedroom, don’t worry. You can follow these tips to make your bedroom more comfortable.

Arrange your stuff

Neat always becomes the first requirement of comfort. Your bedroom will be more comfortable if you arrange your stuff neatly. You must get rid of some useless stuff from your bedroom. Some little items also will make your bedroom looks messy. So you can hide them in a cabinet.

Space under bed

You can utilize the space under bed moreover when your ceiling is not high enough. Make a simple storage on it by yourself. In this space, you can store some stuff like thick jackets, stationeries, and so on. You can wrap them with plastic to avoid the dust. If necessary, adjust the height of bed legs to improve more space.

Bedroom furniture

Because you don’t have enough space in your bedroom, you must choose furniture which is functional and efficient. You may select a multi function cabinet which can keep your books and be used as your dressing table.

You must consider the size of your furniture which is appropriate with your room space. Some simple and little furniture will make your bedroom look bigger.


Install good lights in your bedroom to create the bigger impression. Make sure that your bedroom gets enough exposure to light at the day as well as night. A window can make your bedroom brighter through the sunlight. Besides the window, you can install some lights models as your favorite.

Big mirror

A small bedroom can be outsmarted by a mirror. A big mirror doesn’t only work when you are dressed up. It can make your room looks bigger by its reflection of your room and lights. The light which is reflected by the mirror will make your bedroom looks more spacious.

After you read this article, surely you can make your bedroom more comfortable and spacious. Now, you will find that having a wonderful bedroom is not just your imagination. Make it real!

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