Tips for Small Bedroom Part 2

1.  Wake up your walls with the calligraphy

Using calligraphy stickers or stencils is a great option to dress up your small bedroom design. It’s a nice alternative to artwork than can be used in small bedroom wall. We suggest you use muted color since it’s a great choice for small bedroom. You can create an inviting look inside the room by combining fresh wall, soft furnishings, and cozy shag-pile rug inside the bedroom. Looking for extra privacy? Then you should add a Roman blind in a sheer fabric. This way you could add privacy without blocking the light from the beautiful window, right?

2.  Be minimal

You can improve your small bedroom design and make it appear larger by choosing to be minimal. All you need just choosing a white look that won’t too dominating. How about adding neutral wood floors, crisp white, walls and minimal accessories as well? This stuff will help to allow sunlight to flooding your bedroom.
Have a low ceiling area, such as in a loft conversion? Then you need to tuck your bed under any slope and it will do. To bring in sloping features of the space, the all white walls and ceiling can do it easily.

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3.  Extend a headboard

Extending your headboard could give your small bedroom design a fresh look. It also a clever way to maximize the space. You could use the headboard as storage. Low room divider that built behind the headboard can provide a spot for bedside stuff such as lamps and electrics. You could also make use the top of the divider, it will be a handy shelf. This extra storage that built into eaves makes the most unusable space. To give a masculine edge, all you need just adding strong lines in monochrome and wood.

4.  Perk up with pattern

Let colorful fabrics take center stage in a small bedroom by selecting a bold print tie-on headboard cover to contrast with the duvet cover and cushions. Make the most of limited space with a high-level shelf above the paneling and a rustic oak table.

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