Tips for Small Bedroom Part 3

1. Paint a blue backdrop

To dress up your small bedroom design, how about applying blue color on it? Blue color is a good option to highlight the bed. Traditional metal bed that used in small bedroom could give an open, airy feel. The feel of course won’t cramp a small bedroom. Layers of quilts and covers featuring super-sized patterns can be used to dress it up, it will also contrasting with the blue paint, wooden beams and storage chest.

2. Buy a day-bed with built-in storage

For a compact guest bedroom, how about adding a day-bed? It will became a n ideal choice. You could use it as a sofa when there are no guest stay over, add when one come all you need just simply add bedding. Having a handy storage drawers underneath is good ideas. This way you can maximize the under-bed area and put in to good use.

For the final touch how about adding cool neutral walls and a plain carpet? These will keep the small bedroom design stay calm. Adding a striped seat cushion and boat wall plaque will also help a lot in order to give the taste of the sea inside your bedroom.

3. Mix plains and patterns

Now it’s the time to level up the small bedroom design by matching furniture in a neutral. Make sure that you matched with the walls and ceiling, then what left is channel pattern and color on your bedding. To add charm that won’t to overpowering thee small bedroom design, you could add cottage garden floral against a plain backdrop. How about mixing inky blues with touches of red and white then? By adding a pale blue rug inside your room it will liven up natural flooring.

4. Pick slim bedside furniture

To save a little floor space inside your room, you should choose a narrow table over a chest of drawers.  Make sure that you also consider from using a restricted color palette. By giving small bedroom design a calm look it will be the best retreat place. You can do it by simply using paneled walls painted in gray, and crisp white bed linen.

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