Tips to Have a Vintage Bedroom Style

A bedroom is a comfortable place where we can take a rest after doing exhausting activities. Usually, most people have their own dream bedroom and sometimes they give a special attention to have a dream bedroom with a certain style. One of the favorite bedroom styles is vintage style. It’s a style which related to the ancient things. If you want to have a vintage bedroom but you don’t know how to make it, then you should read these following tips.

Bed frame for your vintage bedroom

Besides the wall, something that becomes the main focus is a bed. It can change your room appearance. So, choose a vintage metal bed frame for your room. You can paint it with white or other soft colors. To get a strong vintage touch, just let the bed gets rusty.

Free to choose your room color

Generally, a vintage room doesn’t have flashy colors because it’s identical with white, brown, or cream color. Break the rule? Uh, it doesn’t harm. Choose soft or flashy colors (e.g. blue, yellow, or red) to get a different view of your room. Simply combine the colors with neutral furniture color or use wallpaper combinations. So, your room will not look monotonous with white or cream color. Choose any colors that you want but make sure it still matches with the concept.

Bed sheet

Use soft colors (e.g. cream, soft pink, white, or other colors) for the bed sheet and avoid dark colors such as navy or black color. Give some vintage plush pillows on the bed.

Antique wooden or metal furniture

Don’t put many types of furniture in your bedroom because a vintage room isn’t full items and has a cozy atmosphere. You can put one or two calm furniture. Choose furniture that has an important function in the bedroom such as a dressing table, armchair, closet, mirror, and stacking shelves.

Wooden decoration

You can give some ornaments for your bedroom started from small items to medium items which aren’t only to beautify the bedroom itself but also has functions. A vintage wooden laundry basket, tissue box, clock, hangers, and others are suitable for your vintage room.

To have a private room only needs your imagination and creativity because it will show your character and define your dream vintage bedroom. Happy trying!

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