How to Transform a Healthier Bedroom Part 1

It’s essential to have a place for relaxing and relieving stress from our daily activity, your bedroom can provide it since the bedroom is your last retreat from a stressful day. In this room, you will spend most of your time, as we know that human spend most of their time sleeping. Then it’s important to build a good environment to support your sleeping experience isn’t ?

You need to transform your bedroom into sleeping paradise. No matter what, you will need to sleep. That why you need to adjust your room to provide you good sleeping experience. It’s important because you need to recharge energy to get ready for next day. You won’t be ready for the full day work is you don’t get enough sleep.

To make a good bedroom that can support your sleep you can follow these steps.

Step one. Buy new mattress.

The first step is to get rid of your old mattress. It may be abt costly, but if you are not comfortable in your current mattress you will need to buy a new one. Your old mattress might need to be replaced. No matter how costly is it you should think about you’re comfortable.

It’s important because you will spend nearly one-third of your life on your mattress, as we explain that humans spend one-third of the lifetime into sleep. Then mattress is an important item, you should replace it as fast as possible.

Are you chemically sensitive? Sometimes you will find people who chemically sensitive, particularly to latex odors. Then you should use a natural cotton mattress, purchasing an organic cotton mattress is also a good choice you can make. The cotton mattresses tend to be very firm, sometimes as hard as a rock. Well nobody would feel comfortable on it. All you need is to add the wool topper to soften the top, this will also relieve the pressure points. By doing so yo can reduce your body indentations.

The good thing about using a natural latex mattress is this kind of material is anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, dust-mite proof. For those who have asthma or dust allergic, this mattress is a good choice. latex mattress  also relieves your pressure points. If you want to purchase one for your bedroom, make sure that the latex is at least 97% natural.

Step two. Add some topper

Can’t your wallet afford to buy a new mattress? Don worries about it, adding some topper can be the solution. Pure wool or natural rubber can enhance your old mattress. Well, your old mattress materials from off-gassing, even adding some topper won’t stop it. But at least you could rest more peacefully than before.

You may consider about encase your mattress and pillows, especially if you dust allergic. Encasing the mattress and pillows in an organic cotton barrier cloth protect your lungs from dust mite allergens. If you have asthma, doing this can reduce you from triggered. Some study even revealed that eczema suffering can be relieved by mattress and pillow encasing.

Step three. Replace your bedding with natural items

It would be a good idea to replace treated bedding with natural items. You should use items that made with natural or organic fibers. You need to know that mostly a chemical flame retardant or stain protection is used on treated all fabrics.

If you want to choose pillow for your wedding, you can try untreated cotton. Using an organic cotton for your bedding is better. If you want to provide some neck support, using buckwheat hulls is a great choice.  You can also use a wool material as since this kind of material is best at moisture wicking

You can select blanket and duvet covers that made from organic cotton or wool to make up your bedroom. Using some of the organic cotton is a good option if you want to add some brilliant color to your bedroom,

It would be best if you avoid from using comforters for your bedding. The comforter tends to draw moisture in but don’t dry out quickly. The other thing that you need to consider is they can produce mold and attract dust mites.

These steps above can turn your bedroom 180 degrees than before. Do you want to read the rest steps? For the rest step, you will need to read the next article.

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