How to Transform a Healthier Bedroom Part 2

On the previous article of how to transform a healthier bedroom, you will be informed about some steps to make your bedroom be a healthier environment to boost your sleep. In this article, you will find out why you need to make your bed a healthier space. If you have not read it, I suggest you take your time to read it.

Ok, now the rest step for making your bedroom a good environment for boosting your sleep. Here we go:

Step one. Install an air cleaning system

Installing a whole house air cleaning system for your bedroom can help to provide a fresh air for the room. This also a good thing to make your bedroom more dust free. You will glad you doing so, especially if you have asthma. You should also install special furnace filters as another option. This filters designed to remove 90% or more of allergens and particles 2-10 microns.

Step two. Remove old carpet

In this step, you will need to remove your old carpeting. Do you know that your carpet is the source of dust mites? Replace you flooring is the best option, use some hypoallergenic cork, ceramic tile, or wood flooring. Make sure you use you use flooring is not treated with a toxic finish. Consider about using rugs that can be easily washed

Step three. Air out.

Open up your window to provide good air circulation. National Lung Association also recommends opening the windows to recycle the air inside your bedroom. If you kind of has seasonal allergies, using a window guard can stop pollen, dust, and dirt particles from entering your bedroom

You can throw your comforters onto the windowsill every morning to let your bedding air out from your bedroom. It’s common practice in Europe to let the bedding air out for a while

Step four. Maintain you sleeping environment stay clean

Mayo Clinic says that you should wash bedding often. Make sure that you wash them in hot water at least 130 degrees Fahrenheit, this is important to kill the dust mites. If you want to wash it using cold water, you can still wash it by using detergents that designed to kill dust mites.

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