Transformation Ideas for Small Bedroom Part 2

Do you have space issue I your bedroom? Thinking about do some make over project? Then you just found the right article. This article will help you to make your small bedroom that feels limited transformed into better one. You can take it easy sine there always a way to make your bedroom better.

Have you read the “Transformation Ideas for Small Bedroom” article? I suggest you read it up since this article will also provide another good idea to make your bedroom more spacious. Now let’s just roll into the main dishes. Check this following bedroom idea and tips to give you some inspiration in decorating your own bedroom.

One of the common tricks to make your bedroom feel larger is by using mirror. The mirror can be used to expand your bedroom since it creates visual illusion, so your eyes will think that the room is more spacious that before. The mirror can also be used to reflecting the light is you positioning it correctly. By reflecting natural light from window you can brighten up your whole room with natural light.

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If you do know how to incorporate a big mirror to your space, then use this easy trick. Now just grab a body-length mirror, just lean it against the wall. You will need no hole. Just make sure that it secure by using wall tacky. And now after it done you can put your mind at peace and enjoy the larger feeling in your bedroom.

Commonly you will find most of the bed feature is centered on the wall, almost in every bedroom style. If you want to have some space you can narrowing your bed in the wall.  By doing so you can maximize your floor space since your bedroom tucked against your bedroom wall or corner. This set up will help you to make cozier sleeping area. Just imagine your bedroom have more free space, sound good right? To avoid your personal room turned into a college dorm look, you can add two headboard corner system. This headboard will provide finished, designer look to your bedroom. Now just start your decoration project. Happy decorating.

Simple and Small Bedroom Design Ideas Transformation Ideas for Small Bedroom Part 2 Cozy Small Bedroom Design with Bed Feature Centered on the Wall Transformation Ideas for Small Bedroom Part 2 Decorative Mirror in Small Bedroom Design Transformation Ideas for Small Bedroom Part 2