Tricky Tips to Maximize Your Storage Use Part 2

Does everyone deserve to have a comfortable bedroom right? It would be uncomfortable to spend your time inside a room that full of clutter and not even neat hen you already know what to do right? Just simply play with your storage to solve this issue.

1. Color Code

To keep your item well arranged, and then you need to sort it by type and arrange everything in your closet by color. This will help you a lot in organizing your belongings. By sorting everything in color code, you can find anything more easily than before. This way you can create a tedious look in your closet. These trick actually the easiest and the quickest way to sort your wardrobe. Now you can pick up what you want to wear easily right?

2. Shelf or Hang Bags

How about storing your bag on shelves? If you don’t have any floor space then you might need to consider buy a storage cubby for the wall or floor. This will help you a lot to store your item then let them lie around on our floor. All you need just hang the handbags from clothing hangers. Using a shower nook also works well in his case.

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3. Keep Drawers Tidy

It’s necessary to keep your drawer tidy, don’t you agree with me? Then all you need just fold everything in your drawer neatly. Make sure that you tidy up your clothing this way. Instead of arrange the shirt and pants vertically, you need to consider to hang them horizontal. By hanging them horizontally, you make it easier to sort them out. Using a drawer divider will help you a lot I this project. You can use it for a smaller item such as socks, lingerie, and belts.

4. Design Shoe Storage to Fit Your Space

It’s the time to care for your shoe storage, you need to customize them so you can use your space to storage your shoe collection.  Your shoes can be put on shelves or on the floor. And for the boot, how about using pant hanger to store it? This trick will helpful especially if you are low in space.

Bedroom Storage Ideas with Coloring Code Tricky Tips to Maximize Your Storage Use Part 2 Keep Your Drawers also Tidy Tricky Tips to Maximize Your Storage Use Part 2 Perfect Bedroom Storage Decorating Ideas Tricky Tips to Maximize Your Storage Use Part 2