Tricky Tips to Maximize Your Storage Use Part 3

1. Store Items Under the Bed

Do you know that the space under your bed is an ideal spot to store your items? Just make sure that you won’t waste it then. How about using use cubbies, baskets, or bags? These will help you to stash bed linens and another item well. Using a drawer is more suitable since you can use it quick and easy to access the space. Well, the drawer is the best choice since it is the quickest method. This way you can also keep the space tidy. Some bed even have built-in storage feature, or you can make your own. Using a repurposed dresser drawers will help you a lot than just buying the new one.

2. Use Headboard Space

If you have a headboard space in your bedroom, then it would be best if you can also that the advantage of the headboard storage space. All you need just incorporating shelving for evening hat you have, be it books and lamps to favorite framed photos. You can purchase any shelved headboards, but it would be fun if you can make your own right? All you need just using old drawers or pallets as the main material.

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3. Pick the Right Nightstand

Using the right thing in the right place is a must, then how about picking up the right nightstand? This will help you to organize your belonging too. Don’t let your space in clutter. You won’t love to see the clutter that piles up next to your bed right? Well, it might depend on how much is the stuff that you have. You need to consider using shelves, drawers, or just a simple table.

4. Don’t Forget Footboard Storage

You can also utilize the space at the foot of your bed and make it as an additional storage, do you like the idea? Cubbies and baskets also work well thought, you can also make use of them to save your space from being clutter. For storing your blankets, linens, and out-of-season wardrobe items, using a chest or ottoman is the best choice. You can create a chic look by using chest or ottoman in your bedroom.

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