Tricky Tips to Maximize Your Storage Use Part 4

Need some advice for maximizing your storage? Check these tips:

1. Display Organized Jewelry

There are many things that you can use to create jewelry displays that suit your taste. Well, it might depend on the contents of your jewelry collection thought. You can pick some DIY ideas from the internet and built it by yourself. This is a fun way to organize your jewelry. For example, you can make a pretty pattern for hanging necklaces. This item can also be used to place your ring in elegant dishes. Wire mess will help you to create an earring organizers easily.  For your bangles, how about stacking them on bracelet tower or cone? You can also hang them horizontally.

2. Keep a Clean Vanity

Do you know that you can make your bedroom vanity by using a vintage desk, or even an armoire? Using a clean vanity will help you to organize the room well. Now you can use your everyday items like cake stands. This one will help you a lot for displaying perfume, trays for makeup. You can also add some accessories on it.

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3. Fit in a Desk

For those who need a need work space in bedroom, then this tips will help you to fulfill what you need. How about making use your nightstand? You can still double duty it as a desk. Using a minimalist model is the best option, you can pair it up with a small chair.

4. Maximize Wall Space

The perfect option for storing your beloved book that you already read or another item that you don’t need is by using high-up bookshelves. This will help you to access the item that you already stored it. if you wait to display your knick knacks in a modern way, then perhaps you want to use wall cubbies to help you up.

5. Minimize Laundry Space

Well, you can save your space by just hanging your laundry hamper over the back of your door. It’s kind of easy trick right? Actually, you can also create this one easily by using fabric and an embroidery hoop.

Bedroom Vanity by Using a Vintage Desk Tricky Tips to Maximize Your Storage Use Part 4 Minimalist Workspace in the Bedroom Decoration Tricky Tips to Maximize Your Storage Use Part 4 Organizing Jewelry in the Bedroom Tricky Tips to Maximize Your Storage Use Part 4