How to use Yellow color Combination Brown and Mix

Is yellow your favorite color? Do you pan decorating using yellow color for your bedroom? If the answer is yes you can take a deep read of this article to find out the be color combination that perfectly fit for your room.

In case you have not read the previous article of How to use Yellow color Combination – Blue and Green, take a little time and read it up. You can also get inspired by how using yellow color combination with blue and green color. Now for this article, you can look come color combination that can be used to enhance your bedroom.

  1. Yellow and brown

This two color combination can create rich space for your bedroom. You can also create a romantic traditional scene by using yellow and brown on your bedroom. A soft yellow tone on your wall combined with dark chocolate brown can provide the romantic atmosphere you want, and as the bonus, you will feel your bedroom cozier than before.  Golden chandelier and a few pieces of furniture help you to keep the ambiance and subtle flow at the same time. It can enhance your room by providing a little spark.

  1. Create harmony using yellow
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Do you know that you can create such harmony by using specific combination of color? The trick to creating this harmonious scene is by combining hues that are next to each other, you mix have heard of the color wheel right? For example, you can use combination of yellow and green or orange and yellow since they are next to each other. Then you can try to extend the range to three or four colors next to each other.  By using the color combination of yellow, green, orange, and blue you can create a trendy scene.

When used as the main color of your bedroom and the secondary color is green and white the use of blue and orange can give your bedroom complete and unique design. You will be amazed at how your bedroom transformed into. All you need is just using your creativity turn up your bedroom into something new, it would worth the time you spent.

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